Wreath Care


For best results, hang fresh wreaths out of direct sunlight and spritz evenly with water every day. Pay special attention to the back of the wreath, ensuring the stem's cut ends are saturated with water.
If fresh wreaths are looking dry, or like they need a pick-me-up, soak in a tub of cool water for at least 20 minutes or as long as overnight. Another great way to refresh your wreath is to set it out in the rain (a common occurrence here in the PNW) for a shower.
The more water your wreath gets, the longer it will last! 
Included in every first order is a spritz bottle. We recommend keeping it full of water and storing it near your wreath to make watering easier to remember.

Hot days:

Consider moving your wreath to a cool, dark place when the weather is very hot. (IE: your garage or basement.)


While we craft wreaths with long-lasting materials, some plants may lose luster
quicker than others. Simply remove these pieces to increase your wreath's longevity. 


We pick items that are pretty, not edible - unless specified. Please keep out of reach of kids & pets.